Its not green eggs and ham!

I have never been a real picky eater,  but I  have always had previously conceived notions of what taste good together.   Spinach  and eggs were not on my top list of pairings.  Then I moved to Germany.

Meat + Fire = Good

Happy Saturday! Saturday is the day where traditionally the bbq grills and smokers are pulled out.   It is the day where many go back to the basics of cooking meat + fire = good. I decided to provide inspiration for those who haven’t been able to figure out what they want to eat. So what…

The Worlds Oldest Street Food… Meat on a stick

  Go to any local fair or festival and you are guaranteed to find at some type of a Kebab.   This staple fair food dates back to the 17th century where archaeologists found firedogs (stone skewer holders) in a Greek excavation site.   Others claim this dates back to days of the Persian empire when soldiers…

Happy birthday to me.

Was a nice day. My grill and smoker now have a roof over their heads. Dinner was Birthday Ribs dusted with Oink Oink Rub and finished with StephieQ XX sauce. Served with my Triple Threat Mac n Cheese. So how was your day? Freddyqu2

A little about me

During my 15 year ‘visit’ to Germany, I spent my time slicing cold cuts and serving up traditional German food with an American twist. I had the unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a German Deli franchise, and ran 3 very successful locations. The crazy Germans even ran an article in…

Good food and fast cars

Short video my girlfriend made of our adventures from Sunday.    Went to Sarasota for a great car show and came back home to some even better German food.

German Rollbraten Pictorial Tutorial

  To lazy today to type the exact steps, but I am positive that most of you get it.  If not I will be posting a DIY on how to make a Rollbraten.