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A long long time ago in a country far away, I used to own a deli……….

Its not green eggs and ham!

I have never been a real picky eater,  but I  have always had previously conceived notions of what taste good together.   Spinach  and eggs were not on my top list of pairings.  Then I moved to Germany.

The Worlds Oldest Street Food… Meat on a stick

  Go to any local fair or festival and you are guaranteed to find at some type of a Kebab.   This staple fair food dates back to the 17th century where archaeologists found firedogs (stone skewer holders) in a Greek excavation site.   Others claim this dates back to days of the Persian empire when soldiers…

Rhein Necker Schleife

2002 Edingen Was a beautiful day. We took gondolas up the top of the mountain to take pictures with our ‘new’ digital cameras. I enjoyed watching the ships navigate the sharp turns in the river while sipping on the local beer. Freddyqu2

German Pig in a Blankets

Found this recipe a while back and wanted to try it out again. This can be the hit of your next holiday party. Ingredients 1 large egg 2 cab refrigerator biscuits 1 pound fully cooked German-style sausage such as bockwurst or bratwurst, halved lengthwise if thick, and cut into 16pieces (about 2 1/2 inches each)…

A little about me

During my 15 year ‘visit’ to Germany, I spent my time slicing cold cuts and serving up traditional German food with an American twist. I had the unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a German Deli franchise, and ran 3 very successful locations. The crazy Germans even ran an article in…

Dampfnudeln – Sweet Dumplings

Originally posted on Ginger&Bread:
Only last Week my friend Frau Dietz from Eating Wiesbaden ran a fabulous round-up of German Christmas Treats You’ve Probably Never Hear Of, where a range of English-speaking expats introduced range of treats available in Christmas markets in Germany. Some I had never heard of – I haven’t really visited…