Needed my hot sauce fix.

Even though I currently have over 15 bottles of hot sauce in the refrigerator,  I am always on the look out for new ones.

Making a BLT with homemade bacon.

Had a great day today. Found a couple of new hot sauces (will share them later this week) at a local shop. Enjoyed a nice Blue Moon at the local bar and making homemade BLT’s (didn’t grow the veggies but made the bacon) for Stephanie. Listening to some old time rock n roll enjoying the…

Rubs 101

What do you rub on your meat?

Snackin Sticks 2-26-16

I finally got a day off after 8 straight days at the bar, so I decided to relax the best way I know how.  Yep, you guessed it, I pulled out the grinder and sausage stuffer.  Today, Snackin Sticks were on the menu.

Prep for tomorrow

I have a lot to do on my only day off, so I need to start setting up.

My Store

A long long time ago in a country far away, I used to own a deli……….