The Worlds Oldest Street Food… Meat on a stick



Go to any local fair or festival and you are guaranteed to find at some type of a Kebab.   This staple fair food dates back to the 17th century where archaeologists found firedogs (stone skewer holders) in a Greek excavation site.   Others claim this dates back to days of the Persian empire when soldiers would skewer meat on their swords for a quick battlefield dinner. 

  The word Kebab is derived from the Turkish word Kepab  which literally means “fry”, and the dish has been even served in all the royal houses of ancient Islamic empires.  Wherever it came from really doesn’t matter when you consider that this is probably the one meal that is found in every country in the world.

The modern Kebab has many variations  from tofu to exotic fired fruit skewers served traditionally during Chinese new year celebrations.  It doesn’t matter what you skewer up, you won’t be disappointed. My personal favorite is a simple chicken, bacon, onion and bell pepper Kebab.   I usually marinate the meat a day prior to get the flavor I am looking for.   So go ahead round up some meat and let’s make the world’s oldest Street food.

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