Dampfnudeln – Sweet Dumplings

Came across this post and had to share. Dampfnudlen are one of my favorite things go to eat, but have never been able to master the art of making them.. This recipe is a winner though!
My hat goes off to Ginger & bread.


Only last Week my friend Frau Dietz from Eating Wiesbaden ran a fabulous round-up of German Christmas Treats You’ve Probably Never Hear Of, where a range of English-speaking expats introduced range of treats available in Christmas markets in Germany. Some I had never heard of – I haven’t really visited the North and East of the country very extensively – but others brought home memories of childhood bliss.

One of the sweet dishes that are almost too good to be relegated to a dessert – or too rich, depending on your inclination – are Dampfnudeln. As Emma, the writer behind A Bavarian Sojourn, points out in her contribution, these steamed yeast dumplings are fluffy and light and usually drowned in custard. The light caramel flavour and the crusty underside are what makes them so irresistible – and Emma is right, they are indeed best served with only one spoon. And…

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  1. Ginger says:

    Thanks for your your lovely comments – and for the reblog! I hope you’ll get to make them someday, they are divine 🙂
    Ginger x


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