Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut's New and Improved Logo
Pizza Huts New and Improved Logo

After working in the food business for 20 years,  I know how important it is to stay abreast of food trends.  It looks like Pizza Hut is finally catching on to that idea.   They rolled out their biggest campaign today in their 56 year history.   They are literally changing everything from logos to recipes.
This came about as a result of 8 quarters of slumping sales and a new add agency Deutsch LA.   Finally they have realized what many of their competitors have already capitalized on,  thus generation wants something different.
Pizza Hut will now be offering 2 billion possible combinations for your favorite pie.   New menu items include Peruvian cherry peppers,  fresh spinach,  meatballs and salami.  Additionally there are 10 new crust flavors and free sauces to drizzle on the pizza.    The sauces include a honey Sriracha , balsamic, and a spicy buffalo.
If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the new choices, Pizza Hut has made it easy for you by creating 11 new pies to showcase the new offerings.    One that is sure to be a hit with the pizza lovers is the “Hot and Twisted”.   It will be topped with their new crushed tomato sauce (less herby then the original), premium salami, red onions and with a salted pretzel crust edge.   For the die hard Sriracha fans,  try the “Sweet Sriracha Dynamite”.   Topped with grilled chicken, Jalapeño’s,  sweet pineapple, Peruvian cherry peppers and honey Sriracha sauce,  it will make any Pepper head smile.
Go ahead and revisit your local Pizza Hut,  admire the new uniforms and logos and become a part of what Pizza Hut is calling a pizza revolution.   Of course once you have tried it….. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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