Key Lime Suprise

Key Lime Suprise
Key Lime Suprise

So I was browsing my favorite food blogs and I came across a recipe for a Spicy Lime Shrimp Pesto Pasta.   Immediately my mouth began to water….. Not only because I knew the dish was going to be one of the “go-to dishes”,  but because I had just made the perfect acompanient for this just a few days prior.

On Saturday,  my son and I had hit up the local produce market and we had found the most amazing key limes.  Due to the fact that I am a real Florida Cracker my heart skipped a beat, I had been looking to make the ultimate Florida hot sauce.   I grabbed the key limes as well as a few habenero,  serranos, garlic,  sweet onions and a lemon.   As soon as I hit the door,  I had already created at least 4 different sauces in my mind.

I ended up throwing 6 key limes in the juicer,  roasting the garlic and peppers after giving them a quick marinade in vodka and brown sugar and Voila!!,  the Key Lime Suprise was finished.   The only problem I had was that I had absolutely nothing to pair it with (I am more of a red meat type guy) I happened upon the Spicy Lime Shrimp Pesto Pasta recipe, and I knew I had found the perfect match.
Check out and let me know what you think of their recipe. I will be posting more about my Key Lime Suprise in the near future.

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